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About Us

The vision of Barkat TV is to spread God"s love among the nations through the message of the Lord Jesus Christ because this message has the power to transform hearts and minds which will bring true peace and harmony in the world.

  • Sharing the Gospel with individuals and with large audiences through public meetings and 24 / 7 Non - Stop satellite Tv broadcasting.
  • Showing Christ's Love by caring for the poor, the orphaned, the sick, the victims of natural disasters and violence.
  • Strengthening believers through Bible teaching, equipping present leaders and training future ones.

Pastor Nathaniel Barkat accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior in 1959. In 1962 he was gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit when God called him into full time ministry. Pastor Barkat is the founder and chairman of "Christian Fellowship of Pakistan" and is the overseeing pastor of affiliated churches. He is married to a godly woman and they are blessed with nine children, five of whom are in the ministry. Pastor Barkat served as a pastor in an "Assembly of God" church from 1967 to 1972. He planted a church in Lahore as well as other towns in Pakistan. He also has planted a church in Denver, Colorado for the south East Asian community. God has given him a vision and a compassion for lost humanity. His calling has taken him to many nations of the world including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, England and others. He has frequently been a speaker at Full Gospel meetings in the United States and has addressed conventions and churches in South Africa, Germany, and Canada. He has been a guest speaker at various Bible Colleges including Rees Howells Bible College in South Wales, England. He has been a guest at "Trinity Broadcasting Network" and also on the "Daystar Television Network". God has given Pastor Barkat a new anointing and has taken him into a deeper walk. He is revealing to him how to work the works of God. Although many signs and wonders follow him, he is a man of humility and spends much time with God. Because of this, God has given him favor among the high officials in Pakistan. God provided Rev. Barkat with funds to build "The Children's Home" in Pakistan. In this Home more than 50 orphans are blessed with a facility in which they live and where all their needs are met. There are nearly 400 poor children that also receive free education at "The Children's Home". He has also built a Technical Training Center where poor people are trained in different skills so that they may be able to make their living. He also oversees many churches and is making the inroads for the gospel into the unreached areas to plant more churches. Pastor Barkat's motto is: (Psalms 2:8) Ask of me and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

Salik John Barkat was born in Pakistan, he received the new birth experience at an early age. In July 1991 Salik started at Christian Fellowship of Pakistan (CFP) as a worship leader. At that time he also led the prayer ministry at CFP. In September of 1995 Salik was accepted and attended a nondenominational Bible College, Word to the World, in Denver Colorado. After graduating in June of 1997 Salik was ordained by Redeemer Temple in Denver, Colorado in November 1998. Pastor Salik served as an Associate Pastor at Redeemer Asian Community Church in Denver. In August of 2002 Pastor Salik was appointed as the lead Pastor at Redeemer Asian Community Church. In January 2005 God led Pastor Salik to return to Pakistan to serve the Christian Fellowship of Pakistan. Since that time Pastor Salik has held evangelistic and teaching services in: Multan, Gojra, Faisalabad, Murid Ke, and many other cities in Pakistan. Further God has used Pastor Salik to lead hundreds of thousands to make commitments to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Pastor Salik and his teams were able to provide much needed relief to Pakistanis affected by natural disasters. After a major earthquake in October 2005 in the Northwest Region of Pakistan and also after major flooding in 2010 in Southwest Punjab Pastor Salik teams delivered food, medical care, clothing, tents, etc to those affected, The Children’s Home (a school and orphanage in Nankana Sahib has been served by Pastor Salik as well as have several other churches in the area preaching and teaching. Pastor Salik has helped in establishing the Christian fellowship of Pakistan Bible College where dozens of students are being trained as ministers of the Gospel. In July 2016 Pastor Salik launched a Christian satellite and cable television network. This network broadcasts in Pakistan, the Middle-East, and Asia. This network broadcast twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Live programming is streamed along with prerecorded broadcasts. Pastor Salik leads one of the largest churches in Lahore, Pakistan. Thursday night outreach meetings attendance are regularly in excess of ten thousand people. Pastor Salik and his wife Eliana are the proud parents of four children.